Rain Is Essential In Order To Grow

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Have you ever seen a flower in the field grow without rain? Water is necessary for the flower’s growth. No rain, no flowers. We, too, are like a flower because the rain (problems) we experience in our lives is essential in order for us to grow. The role rain plays in one’s life is to mold and shape us; and foster growth.

Mourning the loss of a loved one………. rain

Facing a job loss…………………………….. rain

Ending of a relationship…………………… rain

Experiencing homelessness……………… rain

A health crisis………………………………… rain

The mere fact you are breathing is a guarantee that you will endure struggles and heartache in life. One of the biggest unrealistic notion people have about life is hoping for smooth sailing. Just as rain is essential for things of the earth to grow, humans need a little rain (problems) to experience growth. Personal growth affects your emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health. Throughout our life span, we are constantly needing improvement in one or more of these areas. You cannot grow unless you are challenged.

When it comes to a rainy day, you can place people into two categories. It’s real simple. They’re people who absolutely love the rain or those who dread the rain. Most of my life, I’ve never been one who absolutely love the rain. As a child, I do recall playing in the rain but the older I became, my perspective of the rain changed. I considered rain a nuisance. Who loves rain on their parade? Raise your hand.

You can easily point out the ones that love the rain. Because the second they get a chance, they’re going out to dance in the rain; splashing through the puddles, savoring every moment. This type of person doesn’t let the rain hinder them one bit. I envision these individuals snuggling up against their challenges and struggles of life. A true rain lover doesn’t get unhinged about the weather. They don’t run away from the obstacle but in fact, sees it as an opportunity. Well, I haven’t arrived, yet. I still have many more miles to go before I automatically look at a problem as an opportunity. (LOL)

Those who dread the rain see hardships and adversity as misfortune instead of opportunities. In some cases, they even allow just a sprinkle of rain to alter their mood and affect their productivity. You have to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones when faced with a challenge. Not all rain comes to bring pain in your life. A stressful situation may be a sign that it’s time to grow. Some of our greatest accomplishments are birthed out of problems.

Since there’s no escaping the rainstorms of life, start viewing problems as experiences that come to make you tenacious and wiser. Adversity doesn’t have to be viewed only in a negative light. But it can be a wake up call for creativity or a call for change.

In the midst of your challenge, pay close attention to your mindset. Is most of your time spent fighting the obstacle or resisting it? (yes) Then, try shifting your mindset from fighting and resisting to embracing the problem. A shift in the mindset equals a shift in the meaning of the problem. As you tackle the problem, ask the question: what is the opportunity being presented here? Keep your gaze upon the opportunity and you’ll begin to feel some excitement. That excitement will overshadow the stress as you undertake the challenge.

As you endure life’s rainfalls, things to consider in order to grow:

Accept responsibility for your part of the problem

Assess the situation before you react

Pick the best solution to the problem

Be cognizant of problematic patterns

Have realistic expectations

Believe in yourself to handle the matter efficiently

Keep moving forward; it’s okay to take baby steps in solving problems

Commit to not avoiding the problem

Consider who you want to grow into as you go through the problem

Don’t shove your emotions to the side; process them

Lastly, do not QUIT!

Behind the rain clouds, the sun is still shining. The rain will subside. Challenges come and go. Nothing lasts forever. Allow the opposition to forge you into become better. Don’t curse the problem because it’s painful, instead open the door and welcome the opportunity for growth.

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