Oh, Sweet Liquid Honey

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is there not to like about honey? There is not one thing I can think of. Honey is such a wonderful creation. This sweet liquid is used for food, medicine, and much more. The advantages of honey have been valued for ages. Honey, an all-natural sweetener, starts as flower nectar. The nectar is collectedContinue reading “Oh, Sweet Liquid Honey”

For Supple Skin Use Glycerin Soap

Reading Time: 3 minutes During the bathing process, our skin’s natural oils are often stripped. Either from using hot water or harsh products, your skin can become very dry. If you’re looking for gorgeous, supple skin all year long, then, incorporate glycerin soap into your skin care. Glycerin, one of the best nourishing agents in the world, is extremelyContinue reading “For Supple Skin Use Glycerin Soap”

Apples Are Incredibly Good For You

Reading Time: 3 minutes What’s your typical “go-to” fruit? Mine is the juicy, scrumptious apple. In fact, I could go for one right now. On a whole-fruit basis, apples are the 2nd most consumed fruit in America. I bet you want to know what’s in 1st place. Bananas! I’m just as surprised as you are. They’re both similar inContinue reading “Apples Are Incredibly Good For You”

The Wonderful Benefits of Essential Oils

Reading Time: 4 minutes Anyone else in love with essential oils like I am? My first encounter with essential oils was about seven years ago. I was working in the spa at a local salon. During training, I learned that there were some basic key elements in setting the mood in the spa for the clients. We would makeContinue reading “The Wonderful Benefits of Essential Oils”

Cycling Does the Body Good

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s important to stay physically active to be fit and healthy. Having a routine exercise is key to preventing diseases or managing an existing health condition. Exercising regularly can help protect against obesity, heart disease, mental illness, arthritis, and other health issues. There are plenty of exercises to assist with maintaining physical fitness. One ofContinue reading “Cycling Does the Body Good”

Smoothies… Better Than Juicing

Reading Time: 3 minutes When it comes to health benefits, smoothies are a much better option than juicing. They are both beneficial but smoothies triumphs over juicing when it comes down to the nutrients, weight loss, and digestion categories. Besides the scrumptious taste, smoothies are packed with so many nutrients. For me, drinking a smoothie is like throwing aContinue reading “Smoothies… Better Than Juicing”

Getting Back On Track With Exercising At Home

Reading Time: 4 minutes I don’t know…. It’s just something about going to the gym to get a good workout that gives me a rush. Literally, being at the gym, in that environment puts me in the best mood to exercise. But because of COVID-19 I’m no longer enjoying the luxury of going to the facility. It’s just aContinue reading “Getting Back On Track With Exercising At Home”

Pressing The Reset Button On Self-Love

Reading Time: 3 minutes What if you would simply devote the remaining of this year to showing yourself more love? Months ago, many states experienced stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although this crisis caused a major disruption to society, for me, the silver lining was acknowledging it was time to press the reset button on self-love. Self-loveContinue reading “Pressing The Reset Button On Self-Love”