2020 Said “Take A Seat”

Reading Time: 4 minutes As 2019 was coming to an end, I had nothing but high hopes for 2020. I was expecting signs that 2020 was going to jumpstart a great decade for me. Take more trips, make lovely memories, and experience breath-taking adventures. I had anticipations for buying a new house, purchasing a new vehicle, and taking myContinue reading “2020 Said “Take A Seat””

Sometimes Rejection is Direction

Reading Time: 3 minutes As toddlers, we can recall how the sting of rejection made us feel when we heard the word “no”. And now as adults, not much has changed, no one is ever thrilled when told “no”. Rejection immediately opens the floodgates of emotions. Suddenly, there’s an overflow of negative thoughts pouring into your mind. And becauseContinue reading “Sometimes Rejection is Direction”

The Wonderful Benefits of Essential Oils

Reading Time: 4 minutes Anyone else in love with essential oils like I am? My first encounter with essential oils was about seven years ago. I was working in the spa at a local salon. During training, I learned that there were some basic key elements in setting the mood in the spa for the clients. We would makeContinue reading “The Wonderful Benefits of Essential Oils”

Managing Your Anxiety

Reading Time: 4 minutes For certain, there’s going to be anxiety in life……. so suck it up buttercup. Just accept it. No one is exempt from anxiety. How you manage your anxiety will be the deciding factor on how efficient you will be able to navigate throughout life. Anxiety mismanaged will make you miserable, literally. Simply put, anxiety isContinue reading “Managing Your Anxiety”

Pressing The Reset Button On Self-Love

Reading Time: 3 minutes What if you would simply devote the remaining of this year to showing yourself more love? Months ago, many states experienced stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although this crisis caused a major disruption to society, for me, the silver lining was acknowledging it was time to press the reset button on self-love. Self-loveContinue reading “Pressing The Reset Button On Self-Love”