2020 Said “Take A Seat”

Reading Time: 4 minutes As 2019 was coming to an end, I had nothing but high hopes for 2020. I was expecting signs that 2020 was going to jumpstart a great decade for me. Take more trips, make lovely memories, and experience breath-taking adventures. I had anticipations for buying a new house, purchasing a new vehicle, and taking myContinue reading “2020 Said “Take A Seat””

Let God Be God

Reading Time: 3 minutes I ultimately believe that God is in control of everything that happens. Even when I face tragedy or when bad things happen, God is overseeing the situation. He is sovereign. When I did a Google search on the word “sovereign”, I found these words in its definition: supreme, unlimited, unrestricted, and infinite. Simply put…. GodContinue reading “Let God Be God”

Rain Is Essential In Order To Grow

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you ever seen a flower in the field grow without rain? Water is necessary for the flower’s growth. No rain, no flowers. We, too, are like a flower because the rain (problems) we experience in our lives is essential in order for us to grow. The role rain plays in one’s life is toContinue reading “Rain Is Essential In Order To Grow”