Poem Of The Month

Today’s Joy Was Born of Yesterday’s Sorrow

(Helen Steiner Rice)

Who said the “darkness of the night”

Would never turn to day…

Who said the “winter’s bleakness”

Would never pass away…

Who said the fog would never lift

And let the sunshine through…

Who said the skies now overcast

Would nevermore be blue…

Why should we ever entertain

These thoughts so dark and grim,

And let the brightness of our mind

Grow cynical and dim…

When we know beyond all questioning

That winter turns to spring;

And on the notes of sorrow,

New songs are made to sing…

For no one sheds a teardrop

Or suffers loss in vain;

For God is always there to turn

Our losses into gain…

And every burden born today

And every present sorrow,

Are but God’s happy harbingers

Of a joyous, bright tomorrow!

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